Trellian Privacy

We are relentless about your privacy!
Recently, the United States government passed the SESTA/FOSTA bill, which while primarily aimed at stopping the trafficking of minors, was so broadly written that it put the lives of all adult sex workers at risk.
This bill is just another example of the overreach of the U.S. government into the daily private lives of its citizens.

Passing the bill in both the house and senate, politicians have run the risk of being exposed themselves, for sure.

Here at Trillian, we are relentless about your security and privacy. People should only know what you WANT them to know. This is why we chose a country for our servers that is NOT under the influence of the U.S. or European Union. In fact, the country that we chose, Iceland, is notorious for its freedom of speech rights. In fact, the Icelandic government has written very specific laws to protect those rights. This is why most journalists host their content there.

When you host your website with us, and register your domain outside of the United States (hopefully with us), you will be the safest that you can be.

We here at Trillian do NOT respond to government requests for information of any kind. We do not honor requests for seizure, cease and desists, nor do we even collect any information from you, other what is required to host your website live. All we know is your email address.

Iceland has strong protections for free speech in place, even though libel and insult are criminal offenses subject to fines or a prison sentence of up to one year and which have been criticised for undermining civil liberties and freedom of speech in the country. Nevertheless, Iceland’s Althing (parliament) established the country as an information freedom haven in 2010 as part of the Icelandic Modern Media Initiative (IMMI). The concept was to make Iceland a “haven for freedom of information, freedom of expression and of speech.” In particular, it was to make Iceland a safe haven for people with Internet servers and hosting online material that their governments might want to shut down. IMMI declared that 2016 would have a “focus on Data Protection since the Snowden revelations, privacy and the protection of data have come to the fore as fundamental issues in the world of communications and technology.